Reliable After Sale Mobile Services From The House Of Asus Zenfones

Asus Zenfones have now gained a popular as the bestselling price worthy smartphones available in the market. Thanks to our values customers for showing your trust in our products. We have offered you phones developed with updated features keeping into concern all your needs. From best HD quality screen to high quality camera, you have availed everything getting your products. But phones at the end of the day are technologically driven. They are hence not completely above problems.  However, as we haven’t left any ground untouched in the context of offering the smartphones, at the same time we have taken utmost concern to offer you with after sale service- because we know you invest your hard earned money to fulfill your necessities.

Catering to all your problems

Asus mobile service centre in Chennai caters for all the difficulties that you face with your handset. Be it anything related to the software or hardware or battery issues, all your problems are patiently addressed here without any additional charges. However the same is applicable as long as you handset is covered by the1 year warranty period. This means, for any problem (internal) arising with the handset you bought under our brand, you will be offered with free of cost repairing and replacement service, provided the phone is not more than a year old.

Helping our aged users

We respect and thank you for choosing us to serve your mobile needs but because of the technological advancement and more and more smartphones available in the market, we understand the difficulties old aged people face using the same. Hence, at times they end up locking the phone or pressing hard leading to the phone buttons turning defective. We offer you with free of cost service for any such situations. You also dint have to get your old handset replaced with the new one launched in the series by simply getting the older one updated from Asus mobile service center in Chennai.

What should you do to get your phones issues fixed from us after the expiry of warranty period?

For any of the problems you are facing with your Asus handset, we are ready to serve you. However as mentioned while within 1 year warranty, any sort of internal problems will be addressed for free, for any external damage such as breaking of the screen or microphone getting damaged, casing coming of etc. , you will not be enjoying free service. In such cases, you will be required to take out some bucks from your pocket but the same is comparatively low than that charged by the road side phone repairing shops.

Reach us as per your needs

Last but not the least, even after your handset’s warranty period getting over, you can avail service from us at time. The best part of reaching us is that even despite of your warranty problem getting null and void, you can avail free service in terms of phone updating. However, for any external or internal damage recovery, you will be subject to charges. Well whatever service you come seeking to Asus mobile service center in Chennai, do ensure to get the purchase bill along with your documents like aadhar card or voter card. This is required on part of the authority. So, do come to us with your Asus handset issues. We offer one-stop solution for every problems hitched to mobiles you are availing under our brand.


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